Please join Dr. Celeste Owens and me at

Please join Dr. Celeste Owens and me at the “Surrender Your Personality” Symposium. Please see the attached flyer and register before the tickets are sold out. See you there! Advertisements

Moving Forward with my Double Portion

My Church’s theme this year is “Moving Forward with a Double Portion”. To me this means believing, in faith, that God will give us a double increase of blessings. In 2011, my mom went home to be with the Lord, and it seemed my life was placed on hold. I was so sad and couldn’t […]

Hearing The Voice Of God

It’s amazing how our personalities play a part in every facet of our lives.  I remember as a new Christian people would say to me, “you need to hear the voice of God”. I didn’t understand what that meant. How do you really know when you hear God’s voice? When I would ask that question, […]